6 Awesome Examples of Refrigerators in Disguise

Are you sick of your big, bulky refrigerator being the focal point of your otherwise beautiful kitchen? Well, you obviously can’t get rid of it, so do the next best thing and cover it up! If you are looking for some design inspiration, Houzz has provided several great examples of people seamlessly integrating their refrigerator into the rest of their kitchen.

Here’s some of their best work:

Double the Fun

What’s better than one refrigerator? Two refrigerators! This arrangement not only adds to the functionality of your kitchen, its symmetrical qualities make it pleasing to the eye as well.



Chalk It Out

What better way to hide your refrigerator than behind a fun chalkboard? This idea is great for homes with children, or even those that just want an extra-large surface to jot down their daily to-do list.



Stainless Steel Galore

Maybe contemporary cabinetry isn’t your style. That’s okay, you can still have a sleek kitchen. Just surround your oven with your refrigerator and deck it all out in stainless steel – just make sure to keep it clean.



Stretched Out

What is that tall, narrow cabinet in the left of the picture? Oh, it’s a refrigerator? By simply tweaking the dimensions of a standard fridge, this tall, slender model adds an extra layer of camouflage to further help it blend into the kitchen.



Split the Ovens

If you have two ovens in your kitchen, they are likely stacked atop one another, but it doesn’t need to be that way. This designer chose to arrange them side-by-side, with a well-placed fridge smack dab in the middle of them.



Armoire In The Kitchen?

Maybe it looks a little out of place, but it is so aesthetically pleasing that you just don’t care. What used to be an eyesore is now a piece of beauty that you would be proud to call the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Check out more designs like these at Houzz.com.

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