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7 Foods to Never Freeze

kitchen is full of misconceptions; people often have the wrong idea
of what they can microwave, refrigerate, and even freeze. If you have
the mindset that all foods are created equal, read this list of seven
foods which should never be frozen under any circumstance.
  • Milk. Freezing
    milk permanently alters its consistency, and not in a good way. Even
    after thawing, the milk will feel lumpy and undesirable.
  • Other Dairy
    Dairy products in
    general do not freeze well. Freezing items such as sour cream and
    yogurt causes some of the components to separate, and don’t even try
    freezing cheese.
  • Eggs. Freezing
    eggs still in their shell is a mess waiting to happen. Since liquid
    expands when frozen, the liquid inside the eggs will harden and
    crack through the shell.
  • Fruits &
    Freezing fruits
    and vegetables with high water content – such as lettuce,
    cucumbers, watermelon, and citrus fruit – will turn them icy and
    cause them to become limp and soggy after thawing.
  • Cooked Pasta/Rice.
    Cooked pasta and rice becomes
    mushy and unsavory if you try freezing it.
  • Fried Foods. One
    of the best things about fried foods is the crunch you get when you
    sink your teeth into them. The freezer will cause this crunch to go
    away, and the only way to get it back is to re-fry the foods, which
    adds even more fat.
  • Sauces &
    mayonnaise, gravy, marinara sauce, etc. – keep these foods out of
    the freezer! Not only do they have long shelf lives in the
    refrigerator, freezing them will cause separation and the taste and
    consistency will not be the same after thawing.
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