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Biggest Mistakes You Can Make with Your Freezer

We’re guessing that when it comes to your freezer, you don’t think there’s a way you can do things wrong. However, that’s not exactly true. There are a lot of little things you can do wrong when it comes to how you treat your freezer. To skip the consequences, make sure to avoid the biggest mistakes you can make with your freezer.

Biggest Mistakes You Can Make with Your Freezer

Your temperature is too high.

Your freezer should be kept at a max of 0°F, sometimes even less than that. Anything above 0° will cause your freezer to not function properly and not keep your food frozen.  

Your freezer is too empty.

When you have a good amount of food in your freezer, it keeps the cold air inside when you open it. An empty freezer allows colder to escape and makes your unit work harder than it has to stay at a consistent temperature.

You lose food in your freezer.

If you end up finding random items of food in your freezer, you’re not packing things right, and that can lead to a big mess.

You’re freezing food too late.

The sooner you freeze food, the fresher it will stay. As soon as you’re done cooking something and it has cooled, put it in the freezer to maintain its freshness.

You’re defrosting food at room temperature.

Taking food straight out of your freezer and thawing it on your countertop can allow bacteria to grow as the food warms. Instead, let food thaw out in your refrigerator.

While it’s not rocket science, maintaining your freezer is always easier with a little help. Speedy Refrigerator Service is your go-to on Long Island and in Queens for top quality refrigerator and freezer repairs. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 866-782-9376.


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