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Why You Should Repair Your Fridge Instead of Replace It

Your fridge is one of the most important appliances in your home. Without a working fridge, you are going to end up with a lot of rotten fruit in your house. While there are times where replacing your fridge may be the only option, it is usually better to just repair your fridge instead. Here are a few reasons why you should repair your fridge instead of replacing it.

It is better for the environment

We live in a world with limited resources. With a more minimalistic approach, we can cut down on our consumerism and waste. A fridge is a pretty big appliance to throw away that will take up a lot of space in a landfill. If you are able to repair your refrigerator instead of replacing it, it will be a great move that will help the environment.

You will save money

Replacing the broken parts of your fridge is usually always going to be cheaper than replacing your entire fridge. Our professionals have years of experience fixing refrigerators and can pinpoint issues with your budget in mind. If you are living on a budget or trying to save, it is almost always going to be more of a financial burden to replace your entire fridge.

Your fridge probably is still new enough to keep

The average lifespan for a fridge is 13 years. It is not reasonable to replace your entire fridge after only having owned it for a few short years. If you are replacing your fridge every time there is a small problem with it, you will be spending a few thousand dollars every few years. This is like spending a few hundred dollars a month on your fridge. Instead of just upgrading your fridge every time there is a problem with it, you can save a great deal of money by simply having a repair done to your fridge.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should repair your fridge instead of replacing it. Whether you are more concerned about the environment or your wallet, repairing your fridge can be a great option. Contact us today to learn how we can help with fridge repairs in Long Island.

Why is My Ice Maker Overflowing?

Why Is My Ice Maker Overflowing?

When your automated ice maker overflows, you’re going to get a big soggy mess in your kitchen. Unless you’re having a party, it’s pretty likely that all of that ice is going to be wasted – not to mention the unnecessary increase in your water bill. The good news is, if you’re in the Long Island area, you can call us at Speedy Refrigerator Service – we know freezer repair inside and out and can help you take care of your burden. So why is this happening in the first place? Well we won’t get too technical on you, but there are a few main reasons for an overflowing ice maker.

The ice maker in your refrigerator is easy to use, but the process behind it is a little more complicated. First, the ice maker receives the water through a small supply line from the house, taking the water through a fill valve that is controlled by a thermostat. The valve sends the water through a tube to the ice mold, then the water freezes, and the thermostat then turns off. In most models, a tiny heater warms the cubes enough to release the ice, at which point the ice is ejected into the bin, then the whole thing starts over. There are a few issues that could happen causing your ice maker to keep making ice until it overflows the tray, and we can spot them and fix them.

Water Supply from the House Line is Too Low

In the ice making process, the fill valve closes after supplying enough water to fill the ice mold. In most cases, the inlet valve requires a certain amount of pressure to function properly; when the pressure is too low, the valve may not register when it should turn off. If this happens, water will continue to leak into the ice maker, which will keep producing more ice than you can use.

Defective Valve

Similar to having low pressure, the valve itself can be defective. Have a professional check the water pressure; if it is not too low, the valve likely is not closing all the way or gets stuck in an open position. Luckily, the valve can is easily replaced.

Other Defective Parts, or Cleaning

Aside from the valve, the ice maker system has many of components (such as the thermostat, supply lines, even the ice mold) that can be giving you trouble. Sometimes a good system clean is all that is needed! We can take care of cleaning for you, and let you know if there are any other factors causing your ice attack.

Call us at Speedy Refrigerator Service in Long Island. We’re here to inspect and troubleshoot for you any day of the week, and we have the knowledge of freezer repair to spot the problem and know just how to address it.

How to Fix a Leaking Refrigerator

You’re starting to get ready for the holiday and you notice a small pool of water starting to form underneath your refrigerator. This can be unnerving, but don’t worry, Speedy is here to help you out! This step-by-step breakdown will have the leak fixed in no time:

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Step 1: Unplug the refrigerator. It is dangerous to take things apart while the unit is connected to power.

Step 2: Consult your owner’s manual to find out where your self-defrosting refrigerator drains water. Typically, the pan is located underneath the refrigerator and you’ll have to remove the grate to access it.

Step 3: After removing the faceplate, take out the drain tube and feed the tube into a bucket to catch any water left inside.

Step 4: After you complete step 3, take the upper end of the drain tube where it connects and place the bucket underneath to catch any melted water.

Step 5: Take the drain tube, hold it over a bucket and use your hairdryer to thaw any frosted areas you see. You’ll know it is working if the tube becomes more rubbery and less stiff.

Step 6: Once you are satisfied with the thaw, run hot water through the tube to clear out any excess ice or debris.

Step 7: Reattach the tube to the channel once you’ve finished clearing it.  

If you’re still noticing problems, or simply don’t want to be bothered, we can help! We service NYC, Nassau County and Queens and we work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure you are never left out to dry.

To schedule emergency refrigerator service, call 866-782-9376 or click around on our website!


The Top Five Holiday Cocktails

The holiday season is here and the party planning is in full tilt. There are hams to buy, sides to prepare and people to invite– but you can’t forget about the cocktails! Every Christmas party needs a good bar menu and you can find most of these ingredients in your very own refrigerator! Check out some of Speedy’s favorite holiday cocktails:

refrigerator service- emergency repairs

Winter Sangria

  • Red Wine (1-2 Bottles)
  • Sparkling Apple Cider (1-2 Bottles)
  • Clementines (2-4)
  • Apples (2-4)
  • Cranberries (1-2 Cups)
  • Mix wines, slice fruit, add fruit, enjoy!

Winter Wonderland Cocktail

  • Cream of Coconut (1oz)
  • Vanilla Vodka (1.5oz)
  • Heavy Cream (.5oz)
  • Mix together, shake well, and pour over ice!

Raspberry Russian

  • Fresh Raspberries (3)
  • Ice Cubes
  • Heavy Cream (1 oz)
  • Chambord (1 oz)
  • Vodka (1 oz)
  • Muddle raspberries, add ice, pour cream, chambord, vodka, stir and enjoy!

Pomegranate Martini

  • Pama Liqueur (1.5 oz)
  • Vodka (1 oz)
  • Cointreau (.5 oz)
  • Cranberry Juice (1.5 oz)
  • Combine all ingredients into shaker, add ice, shake it up, strain into glass, enjoy!

Jack Frost Cocktail

  • Pineapple Juice (1 Cup)
  • Vodka (.5 Cup)
  • Blue Curacao (.5 Cup)
  • Cream of Coconut (.5 Cup)
  • Ice Cubes (3 cups)
  • Sugar (2 TBSP)
  • Shredded Coconut (for garnish)
  • Add ingredients to blender, mix sugar and water, microwave sugar and water, coat rim of glasses, pour blended mixture into glass, enjoy!

At Speedy Refrigerator Service, we work 365 days a year to make sure your refrigerator is running properly. We work weekends, holidays and nights so that your repairs better fit your schedule. If you need service leading up to the holidays, we are the right team for the job!

To schedule service, call 866-782-9376 or click around on our website!  

WARNING: Be Careful With Ice

Did you know that the FDA regulates ice as a food item? This means it requires a specific set of standards and precautions to be served in a restaurant or hotel and we need to take these precautions in our own life as well. The number one word to remember when you think of ice is clean– it should be packaged clean, stored clean and served clean each and every day. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:


Handling Ice at Home
When you’re handling ice in your everyday life, it can be easy to become careless. But it is important to remember that people are going to ingest that ice in some way, shape or form so you have to treat it the same way you would any other type of food. Here are some tips to keep ice sanitary in your home:

  • Use clean utensils or tongs to remove ice from the tray.
  • Don’t be lazy and scoop ice with your glass.
  • Don’t lay any food items in your freezer’s ice tray.

Handling Ice During a Tailgate
If you’re attending your favorite team’s game this Sunday, here are some tips you can’t afford to miss out on:

  • NEVER place raw food in the same cooler that you’re storing beverages.
  • If there isn’t enough room for storage, seal raw meats in a aluminum foil and a Ziploc bag to keep them separate from the rest of the cooler’s contents.

Handling Ice at a Holiday Party
It’s officially holiday party season and the planning should already be taking place. One thing you might glance over is the sanitation of your bar area but we’re going to tell you why this is a big mistake!

  • Ice and beverages that are left open to the air are just as susceptible to foodborne illness as any other food item.
  • Before placing ice in a bucket or tray, clean it out thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Place a pair of tongs in a separate bucket and DON’T just lay them on top of the ice.

At Speedy Refrigerator Service, we provide same day service within one hour for all makes and models of refrigerators, ice makers and freezers. If your ice maker is producing less ice or no ice at all, we can have a look and assess the problem quickly so you are up and running before the holidays.

Just call 866-782-9376 or click around on our website to learn more!