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WARNING: Be Careful With Ice

Did you know that the FDA regulates ice as a food item? This means it requires a specific set of standards and precautions to be served in a restaurant or hotel and we need to take these precautions in our own life as well. The number one word to remember when you think of ice is clean– it should be packaged clean, stored clean and served clean each and every day. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:


Handling Ice at Home
When you’re handling ice in your everyday life, it can be easy to become careless. But it is important to remember that people are going to ingest that ice in some way, shape or form so you have to treat it the same way you would any other type of food. Here are some tips to keep ice sanitary in your home:

  • Use clean utensils or tongs to remove ice from the tray.
  • Don’t be lazy and scoop ice with your glass.
  • Don’t lay any food items in your freezer’s ice tray.

Handling Ice During a Tailgate
If you’re attending your favorite team’s game this Sunday, here are some tips you can’t afford to miss out on:

  • NEVER place raw food in the same cooler that you’re storing beverages.
  • If there isn’t enough room for storage, seal raw meats in a aluminum foil and a Ziploc bag to keep them separate from the rest of the cooler’s contents.

Handling Ice at a Holiday Party
It’s officially holiday party season and the planning should already be taking place. One thing you might glance over is the sanitation of your bar area but we’re going to tell you why this is a big mistake!

  • Ice and beverages that are left open to the air are just as susceptible to foodborne illness as any other food item.
  • Before placing ice in a bucket or tray, clean it out thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Place a pair of tongs in a separate bucket and DON’T just lay them on top of the ice.

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