Preparing the Refrigerator for the Holidays

The countdown is almost at it’s end and this last week is very stressful, especially for the hosts of the holiday party. You want to make sure the meal is set and that starts with a well prepared refrigerator. You need to have enough room for all of your food and also make it easily accessible so you aren’t scrambling during crunch time. These organization tips can help:

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Shop Right
This is the most important tip of all. With Christmas and Hanukkah only a few days away, the grocery list is starting to pile up and you’re going to need room to store everything. The best thing you can do is cook this week. Refrain from eating out and use up all of your daily groceries to save room for the holiday items. If you go into holiday week with a stacked refrigerator, you will create a log jam that you may never recover from.

Get Creative
There are some cool tips on the internet to help save room in the refrigerator but we want to share one of our favorites. If you have a wire shelf, place a binder clip in the middle with the flat side facing down. Once it is secure, you can stack bottles up against it so you don’t have to take up a whole shelf with adult beverages. When the ground space is all taken up, this tip can help you stack!

Save Extra Room
You have to think long term when it comes to holiday refrigerator organization. The biggest mistake you can make is neglecting the leftover phase of the holiday season because well, that is the best part! Try to save a crisper drawer or even a shelf if can and designate it for leftovers. That way once the meal is done, you can immediately start wrapping, packing and stacking.  

Prepare For The Worst
Everyone is moving in fast forward this week and this leaves you vulnerable to mistakes. Maybe you forgot to wrap up the soup or screw the lid on the juice and now you have a sticky mess inside your fridge. To simplify the clean up, place down plastic mats on all of your shelves so all you have to do is remove them and replace when a spill occurs.

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