A Guide to Safe Defrosting

Everyone gets caught up in the chaos of the week and forgets to take something out for dinner– don’t worry about it! The problem lies when you try to speed up the defrosting process by heating the meat or dipping it in warm water. There is a reason they aren’t allowed to do this in restaurants and it shouldn’t be allowed in your home either. Below, we outline THREE safe defrosting methods that you can implement in your home.

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Refrigerator Thawing
This method is going to be the most time consuming, so you need to plan ahead. If you’re going to do a Taco Tuesday with two pounds of chopped meat, you’ll want to put the meat in the fridge Monday around dinner time. With something like chopped meat, you can only keep it in the fridge for a day or two before cooking. Other cuts of red meat like steak or pork can stay thawing in the refrigerator for up to FIVE days.  

Cold Water Thawing
While this method might be faster than refrigerator thawing, it also requires more attention. You should seal the meat in a Ziploc bag and then wrap it again to make sure no juices leak out. If the bacteria from the meat seeps into the water, you could have potential food poisoning hazards.

Microwave Thawing
The key to microwave thawing is cooking the food immediately after you defrost it. If you neglect to do this, the meat could reach ‘danger zone’ temperatures and start to become infected. Follow the defrosting instructions on your microwave and make sure you don’t put the meat in too long or it will start to cook.

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