5 Energy Saving Tips For Your Kitchen

When it comes to saving energy, you have to focus on one of the biggest energy guzzlers– the refrigerator! It takes up almost as much energy as your heating system and you can’t let it continue to rob you blind. While it is a necessary appliance, there are a number of things you can do to cut costs and slash those energy bills at the end of every month.

energy saving tips- refrigerator service

Clean Your Coils
As dust accumulates below your fridge, the condenser coils start to gather dust and run inefficiently. That is why it is your job to move the fridge away from the wall every 3-6 months and vacuum the coils. This little maintenance routine might seem trivial, but it can save you anywhere from 5-10% on your energy bills.

Turn Down the Heat
If you have a zoning thermostat for your heating system, you can afford to turn it down a few degrees in the kitchen. You’re usually in there when you’re cooking and you should lock in that heat instead of wasting money on other heating sources. If you turn it down 3-5 degrees, you could save up to 12% on your heating bill.

Use an Ice Tray
While the ice maker might be convenient, it is actually using an unnecessary amount of energy. On average, an ice maker causes a refrigerator to use about 15% more energy than one that doesn’t have one, so we will let you decide.

Unplug the Mini Fridge
While a mini fridge is perfect for partying, there is no need to have it running 24/7. If you simply consolidate the contents of your main fridge, you can leave the mini fridge unplugged and conserving energy.  

Manage the Load
If you properly manage your dishwasher loads, you could save up to $30 per year on operating costs. Not to mention the money you’ll save on detergent. Try and set up a system where you are only running it twice per week and you could save a ton of energy, water and money!

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