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3 Ways a Chest Freezer Helps You Save

Chest Freezers are perfect for families with busy schedules and the desire to eat home-cooked meals. The chest freezer works separate from a refrigerator, and its sole purpose is keeping your food frozen for long periods of time. It saves you from the cost of eating out, but it can also help slash your energy bill. Read below to learn about all the ways you can save money with a chest freezer:

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Cool Air Containment
Cold air is denser than warm air (a little science fact for you) so it sinks towards the bottom of your freezer. With a front opening freezer, this cool air escapes when the door is opened. This forces your freezer to work harder to produce more cold air, causing it to use more energy. More energy costs you more money. A chest freezer opens from the top, minimizing the loss of cold air.

Exploiting the Sales
The extra freezer space alone will help you save money. If you are wandering around the grocery store and see a sale on meat, you can capitalize to the fullest extent. Take it home, leave this week’s portion in your fridge/freezer and store the rest in your chest freezer. The days of eating out two or three times a week are finished! Feeding the whole family can be hard, but a chest freezer can ‘cool’ down the costs.

Managing Waste
Cleaning out your fridge/freezer used to be a necessary evil. You find yourself throwing out unused food, the equivalent of throwing hard earned money straight in the garbage. The chest freezer is a great place to store the food that you might not want right away. It will keep your meals fresh until you are ready to eat them, and it will also keep them out of the garbage.

The average chest freezer costs around $500 and might seem like a wasteful investment. But for the average 4-person household, the savings could double the cost over the span of just one year. Treat your food and your money with the care they deserve!

If you run into any problems with your chest freezer, the experts at Speedy Refrigerator Service are just a phone call away. We offer 24/7 service to Long Island and New York City, so call us any time at 866-782-9376.


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Benefits of Chest Freezers

If you
are running out of room to keep your ice cream or a block of frozen
meat falls on your toes every time you open your freezer door, you
may have considered purchasing a standalone freezer. No matter your
reason, chest freezers are a wise investment for anyone looking to
add storage space for their food. Read below to learn some of the
advantages of owning a chest freezer.
Storage Space
most obvious benefit of a standalone freezer is the extra storage
space that it can provide you for your frozen foods; and chest
freezers tend to offer more usable storage space than their upright
counterparts. Having several cubic feet of space dedicated to only
frozen food offers several benefits, such as:
  • The
    ability to take advantage of food sales/bulk discounts by purchasing
    larger quantities.
  • Grocery
    shopping less frequently, saving you time and gas.
  • Spending
    less money on take-out because you always have a well-stocked
Money Savings
a chest freezer will require a significant chunk of money up-front,
but can actually help you save in the long run. Here’s how:
  • Because
    warm air rises, hardly any cold escapes when you open a chest
    freezer, helping keep energy bills down.
  • The
    top door of the chest freezer door is constantly being pulled down
    by gravity, keeping the seal tight and preventing cold air from
    leaking out.
  • In
    the event of a blackout, a chest freezer can keep food cold for up
    to 72 hours after losing power!
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