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Is Your Refrigerator as Clean as You Think It Is?


When you think of the dirtiest areas in your home, you probably picture your toilet or bathtub. But have you considered your refrigerator?

If not, it’s time to start thinking about it. Better Homes & Gardens released a list of the top ten dirtiest areas in the home, and the refrigerator made the list. Twice.

Not only is the inside of your fridge covered in germs in bacteria, but so is the outside – particularly the handle, which is one of the most frequently touched surfaces in your home.

The most concerning part about this is that your fridge holds your food. The lack of sanitation in our refrigerators could help explain why nearly 50 million Americans experience food poisoning every year.

If you want to clean up your fridge, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Cleanings should be monthly. You should give your refrigerator a thorough cleaning every 2-4 weeks. Don’t cut any corners, either. Empty your fridge, wipe down all walls, shelves, and drawers with a soapy solution, and replace your food. Throw away anything which has expired.

  • Don’t forget the exterior. As mentioned earlier, the refrigerator handle can be just as dirty – if not dirtier – than the inside. Make sure to clean the handles and entire exterior with a disinfectant wipe.

  • Vacuum your condenser coils. This isn’t for sanitary reasons, but vacuuming your coils every six months helps reduce energy consumption and extend the lifespan of your appliance.

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