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5 Signs Of A Good Refrigerator Repair Service


Is your refrigerator running? If not, you better get it fixed!

Finding a quality refrigerator repair service isn’t always easy, especially if there are many options to choose from in your area. Here are some qualities to look for that separate the good from the bad.

1. Licensed & Insured
When searching for a refrigerator repair service, you always want to pick one that is properly licensed and insured. Licensing shows that they are qualified to perform the job at hand, and insurance protects you from being held personally liable for any accidents that may happen.

2. Years of Experience
When it comes to experience, more is always better. A repair service with decades of experience has a proven track record of successful repairs and excellent customer service – after all, they’ve managed to stay in business so long for a reason.

3. Knowledgeable Technicians
You want repair technicians who know what they are doing. Look for terms such as “trained”, “licensed”, or “certified” on their advertisements or website. If a company claims that they repair all makes and models, this is a good sign as well.

4. Warrantied Repairs
The last thing you want to do after calling a refrigerator repair service is to call them again because you have another problem. If a company doesn’t stand behind their work, how can you trust them?

5. Around-the-Clock Service
Your refrigerator runs around-the-clock; you want a repair service that will do the same. Nights, weekends, or holidays, a good repair service will be there for you no matter what.

Speedy Refrigerator Service has 75 years of experience repairing refrigerators and freezers in the New York City area. Our licensed technicians can repair any make or model of refrigerator, and we always stand behind our work. Our phone lines are always open, so call us any time at 866-782-9376.