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What To Do When You Run Out of Room in Your Refrigerator

We’ve all been there – you come home from the grocery store, and as you go to put the milk away in the refrigerator, you quickly discover that there is nowhere to put it. If you frequently find yourself running out of room in the fridge, here are a few things you can try.

Conduct a Cleanout

There is a good possibility that valuable space is currently being taken up by foods which are spoiled or simply unused. Take all of the food out of your refrigerator and sort through every item one-by-one, throwing away everything that has already expired or will expire before you get a chance to eat it. Doing this should help you clear up some space.

Rearrange the Shelves

Most refrigerators come with adjustable shelves so you can organize them to better suit your storage needs. Taking a few minutes to tinker with their arrangement can help you maximize your vertical space and fit oversized and oddly-shaped items which you may not have thought possible.

Rethink Your Organization

There are some tips and tricks you can use to help you make the most out of the room in your refrigerator. For example, use square-shaped containers instead of circular ones because the round edges result in lost space. Click here for eight organization hacks you can try yourself.

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