Why Is My Refrigerator Warm?

Your refrigerator is one of the only appliances in your home that is running 24/7/365. For that reason, the refrigerator is susceptible to different ailments including the incapability to maintain temperature. When this problem occurs, it could be related to any one of these issues»

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Cold Control
The cold control is almost like the brain of your refrigerator. So if you set it to 38°F, the cold control tells the condenser and the compressor how hard they have to work to get the temperature there. So there is a chance that your compressor and condenser are running properly, but the cold control is not letting them work enough resulting in higher temperatures.

Fan Motor
The fan motor is located in the freezer of your unit and it helps circulate cold air to the refrigerator. A defective fan will lead to uneven heating in the unit and you might see a freezer with frost build up and a refrigerator that is far too warm. This can also lead to overexertion for the compressor and it is an issue that should be fixed immediately.

Condenser Motor
The condenser motor is essentially in charge of removing the heat from your unit. So when we get calls about warm refrigerators, this is almost always going to be the culprit. It will try to work to bring the temperature down too often and this can lead to malfunction.

Faulty Thermostat
It could just be that your refrigerator’s thermostat isn’t on point. To test for this, place a thermometer on the shelf and see if the readings come out the same after a half hour.

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