How to Keep the Refrigerator Door Closed

Your refrigerator is the coolest appliance you own, well technically the freezer is, but both of them only work if they remain closed. An open refrigerator won’t work as efficiently, and it can burn you on your monthly utility bills. Allowing the refrigerator door to remain open forces the unit to use 7% more energy to cool down the food inside. That number might seem miniscule, but it can make a big difference.

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A Little Self Evaluation
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine if a blockage is keeping your door from closing. Make sure the crisper drawers are closed and rearrange containers to ensure your door a clear closing path.
Clean the Gaskets
Your gasket is the rubber or plastic lining that acts as a buffer between your refrigerator door and the frame it fits into. All types of grease, dirt and grime can get trapped in your gasket and prevent your door from sealing shut. Clean the gasket with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. After you dry the gasket, try closing the door again and see if your hard work paid off.
Break Out the Level
If your door still won’t close, it could be due to the fact that at some point your fridge lost its balance. Lay a level across the top of your refrigerator and remove the bottom grill to access the ‘feet’ of your unit. Adjust the feet with pliers or a wrench until you see the level is resting where it should be. This might be a two man job unless you have super vision and can see the bubble from underneath your fridge.
Take it Apart
This might be the point where you give up and reach out to a professional for help. If none of the previous steps were successful, it is time to take the door off of the fridge and inspect it. It could be a faulty closing cam on the bottom of your door or a hinge that is way past its prime. If this doesn’t interest you, a refrigerator professional will be able to detect and solve the problem quickly and have you up and running in no time.

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