Stop Underutilizing the Space Above Your Fridge

Unfortunately, a bigger kitchen is not always attainable, so you need to make due with the space you currently have. Spaces like the one above your fridge can serve a purpose if you utilize them correctly. Check out some creative ways to take that area above your fridge from space waster to space saver!

Install Shelves
Shelves are easy to put up and can save you a ton of space in the kitchen. If your cookbooks are currently in a drawer, you are doing it all wrong. Hang some shelves above your refrigerator and stock your books up there. Now you can use that drawer for more oftenly-used items like Tupperware and utensils.

Hang Up Some Entertainment
Some people actually take the space above their fridge and turn it into an entertainment center. Mounting a television in this area is great for watching the morning news or your children’s favorite cartoons.

Put Up a Wine Rack
Hanging a wine rack on the wall above the fridge is a great way to keep it from getting in the way. There is no need to have it on the floor where bottles can be knocked into and broken. Nobody likes when wine goes to waste!

Utilize Storage Boxes
Take wood or felt storage boxes that match your wall paint and stack them on top of your fridge. We wouldn’t recommend putting frequently used items up there, but it is not a bad spot to store holiday kitchen decorations.   

Now that you are an expert on the space above fridge, let us handle what is on the inside. If your fridge is having trouble getting through this hot summer, look no further than Speedy Refrigerator Service for your repairs. Call (866) 782-9376 to schedule your same-day appointment, or visit us on the web.

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