Why Is My Refrigerator Warm?

Your refrigerator is one of the only appliances in your home that is running 24/7/365. For that reason, the refrigerator is susceptible to different ailments including the incapability to maintain temperature. When this problem occurs, it could be related to any one of these issues»

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Cold Control
The cold control is almost like the brain of your refrigerator. So if you set it to 38°F, the cold control tells the condenser and the compressor how hard they have to work to get the temperature there. So there is a chance that your compressor and condenser are running properly, but the cold control is not letting them work enough resulting in higher temperatures.

Fan Motor
The fan motor is located in the freezer of your unit and it helps circulate cold air to the refrigerator. A defective fan will lead to uneven heating in the unit and you might see a freezer with frost build up and a refrigerator that is far too warm. This can also lead to overexertion for the compressor and it is an issue that should be fixed immediately.

Condenser Motor
The condenser motor is essentially in charge of removing the heat from your unit. So when we get calls about warm refrigerators, this is almost always going to be the culprit. It will try to work to bring the temperature down too often and this can lead to malfunction.

Faulty Thermostat
It could just be that your refrigerator’s thermostat isn’t on point. To test for this, place a thermometer on the shelf and see if the readings come out the same after a half hour.

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How to Fight Mold in the Refrigerator

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Mold and mildew often form in places where moisture can not escape into the air. Unfortunately, some older refrigerators have trouble ventilating their moisture and if they are left untreated, mold and mildew will form. This is unsafe in any area of your home, but the refrigerator needs extra care and attention. Use this step-by-step cleaning process to remove mold and make your refrigerator squeaky clean!

  • The FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT step is to remove any food in the refrigerator that might be loosely covered or uncovered near the mold. Even if it doesn’t show signs of mold, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • NEXT, remove all compartments and drawers whether they have signs of mold or not. Fill them with warm, soapy water and leave them to the side while you clean the refrigerator.
  • AFTER THAT, pour 1TBSP of baking soda into a bucket and add warm water. Once the baking soda is completely dissolved, take a warm cloth and scrub the inside of the refrigerator.
  • For the gasket, make sure you scrub gently and be sure not to rip the liner.
  • Drain your drawers and compartments and scrub them down with the baking soda solution as well. You can then put them back into the refrigerator.
  • To prevent future issues, make sure food remains covered and check on your refrigerators ventilation.

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3 Reasons to LOVE Your Refrigerator

Your Valentine is not the only thing that needs loving this Valentine’s Day. After all, they cause you a lot of headache while your refrigerator is always there for you keeping you fed and happy. Now we wouldn’t suggest running out on your real Valentine, but make sure you give your refrigerator the love it needs this Valentine’s Day. Here are THREE of the many reasons we should love our refrigerators»

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Before the days of refrigerators, buying, storing, eating and consuming food was a much more difficult process. Butcher shops, markets and grocers would have to sell produce the day of and if it wasn’t sold, it would go to waste. This inefficient system needed a solution and it came in the form of refrigerators. Now that markets could sell and store produce for longer periods of time, the cost of meat and poultry decreased and became available to the masses. The refrigerator changed the way we eat forever.

Special Features
Modern refrigerators use less energy, they’re bigger and they have special features to make your life easier. There are water filters, ice makers and now they even have Wi-Fi refrigerators that can play music! Along with the rest of the appliance industry, refrigerators have evolved with the ever changing technological landscape.

The Endless Possibilities
Your refrigerator holds all the ingredients you’ll need to make your favorite meals, snacks and desserts come to life. Whether you want a tasty pork loin or a strawberry shortcake, the process starts and ends in the fridge–literally. You owe your fridge/ it owes you for all the tasty and sometimes not so healthy goodies that it helps you create.

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The RIGHT Way to Clean Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel refrigerators have become the norm and as new designs come out, we consistently see stainless steel as a staple. It is durable, it locks in the cold, it looks great and homeowners love it for all of those reasons. But on the flip side, a lot of people struggle to find a preferable cleaning method. That’s why your friends at Speedy wanted to give you some options»

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Water is actually the best way to clean small stains on a stainless steel refrigerator. Take a little warm water and a cloth and scrub in circles without applying too much pressure. But be sure to dry it quickly to avoid water spots!  

Dish Soap
For an added boost, simply mix in some dish soap with warm water and a cloth. Once you are satisfied, take a separate rag and wipe away the soap with plain water. After the suds and stains have disappeared, dry the area with a cloth to avoid spotting.  

Glass Cleaner
Fingerprints tend to show up clearer on stainless steel and this drives homeowners crazy! But next time you’re about to have a fit, just reach for some ammonia or glass cleaner. This can effectively remove fingerprint stains without damaging the quality of the finish.

Stainless Steel Cleaner
Stainless Steel cleaners are more for polishing rather than cleaning. After you have used one of these other cleaning methods, a steel cleaner is a great way to give the refrigerator a sparkly shine.

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How to Utilize Your Crisper Drawers

Have you ever stored fruits or vegetables in the refrigerator, only to find out later that they had spoiled? This happens to thousands of Americans everyday and it is not only inconvenient, it is an unfortunate waste of food. If you knew how to utilize your crisper drawers, this would be a thing of the past and lucky for you, we are about to tell you how!

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What are crisper drawers?
Crisper drawers are great for storage, but they can also help push the expiration date on some of your organic items. There are high and low humidity settings for each of your crisper drawers and depending on the produce, both are effective. The low setting is for items that radiate a lot of humidity on their own and the high setting helps halt airflow.  

What goes where?
The following items should be stored in the HIGH humidity crisper drawer:

  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Citrus
  • Cucumbers
  • Eggplant
  • Other greens

The following items should be stored in the LOW humidity crisper drawer:

  • Apples
  • Apricots
  • Avocado
  • Bananas
  • Figs
  • Melons
  • Peaches

How does it work?
The basic rule of thumb is if your fruits rot easily, they belong in the low humidity drawer And vice versa, the produce that is more resistant belongs in the high humidity drawer. When a fruit like a peach is stored next to a banana under high humidity, the gases that are released from the peach will rot the banana. If it is stored under low humidity, some of those gases will be released so the do not have an impact on one another.

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