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Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

knows how much of a chore cleaning the refrigerator can be. No matter
how much precaution you take, unpleasant odors, spills, and sticky
spots are inevitable. Use these tips from 24/7 Refrigerator Repairs
to shorten your cleaning process.
Cover your shelves in
plastic wrap.
thorough cleaning of the refrigerator includes the shelves. Most of
the time, this means removing them and washing them in the sink.
While this is a very effective method to keep the inside of your
fridge looking like new, it can be time consuming. To clean your
refrigerator shelves in seconds, line them with plastic wrap. Next
time a spill occurs, simply remove the covering and your shelf is
spotless again. Just don’t forget to put another layer down
Start from the top.
gravity to your advantage and always start cleaning from the top of
the fridge and work your way down. Starting at the top will prevent
bits of grime or dirty water from dripping down on to surfaces you
have already cleaned. When cleaning the back wall, starting from the
top will cause you to use less soap because it will trickle down and
naturally clean the lower surface.
Don’t forget the drip
every refrigerator has a drip pan, but most that do often go
neglected. To check your model, remove the grill on the bottom on the
fridge and grab your flashlight. The drip pan should be easy to
identify because it is meant to be pulled out. If it is your first
time venturing down there, it may be wise to use rubber gloves. Drip
pans which have never been cleaned can be home to mildew and a
strong, unpleasant smell.
Eliminate the odors.
If a
bad smell is lingering inside of your refrigerator even after
cleaning it, don’t panic. Stick an open box of baking soda on the top
shelf and it should eliminate the odor within a day or two. For
stronger odors, sprinkle vanilla extract on cotton balls and place
them on a small dish in the refrigerator. This should have your
fridge smelling great in just minutes.
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