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4 Most Common Refrigerator Problems

are the only appliance in our home that runs around the clock, which
leaves them susceptible to breaking down. Although the lifespan of a
new refrigerator is around 15 years, it is likely that you will need
some minor repairs over time to keep it running properly. If your
refrigerator is showing one of the following symptoms, don’t panic;
you can probably get it fixed for a fraction of the cost of buying a
new one.
are four of the most common problems that people experience with
their refrigerators.
Fridge is Not Cooling
main job of a refrigerator is to keep your food cold, so the number
one problem that people experience is failure to do so. To limit
bacteria growth, the inside of your refrigerator should consistently
be between 34-39° F. Failure to cool properly could be due to a
number of reasons; sometimes all you need to do is vacuum your
condenser coils, other times you will need to swap out a
malfunctioning component. If your refrigerator is too warm, it is
best to call a professional appliance repair service to diagnose the
Fridge is Making
Excessive Noise
common problem that people experience with their refrigerators is
excessive noise. If your refrigerator is making high-pitched
squealing, clanking, humming, or anything else out of the ordinary,
it is definitely a sign that something is wrong. Possible reasons for
this include the fridge being uneven, a loose drip pan, or a
defective evaporator fan.
Fridge is Leaking
about everything in your kitchen can develop a leak; your sink, your
dishwasher, and even your refrigerator. Fortunately, the most common
reason for a leaky refrigerator is a clogged drain tube, which can be
fixed without the help of a repair service. If your refrigerator has
a water dispenser, the line could be damaged, or the leaking could be
caused by a cracked drip pan. Learn more about leaky refrigerators
and how to fix them here.
Ice Maker is Not Working
those who are lucky enough to have a refrigerator with a built-in ice
maker, a nearly-unlimited supply of ice cubes is just the push of a
button away. Unfortunately, it is also another component which can
develop issues. If you are experiencing problems with your ice maker,
check all hose connections to make sure there is not a build up of
frost. Otherwise, check that the feeler arm is in the right position
– if all looks normal, seek professional help, you may need a
Are you
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