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Simple Fixes for Common Refrigerator Problems


To the average person, a normal refrigerator looks like a giant box of ice. But for the experts at Speedy Refrigerator Service, we know it is a complex machine. Many components are required to seamlessly work together in a refrigerator, and if just one of them malfunctions, the whole appliance could stop working.

Here are some most common problems that you might experience with your refrigerator, and what you can do to fix them.

Pooling Water

If water is collecting at the bottom of your refrigerator or underneath it, there are two likely causes: either you have a clogged drain tube, or your refrigerator isn’t level. The latter can be easily fixed by simply adjusting the legs on the bottom of your appliance. A clogged drain tube can be cured with nothing more than a hair dryer and pipe cleaner. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Frost Build Up

If your refrigerator doesn’t have an “auto-defrost” feature, you might notice that your freezer compartment is slowly being overtaken by frost. This not only takes away your precious storage space, it can also decrease energy efficiency. Defrost your refrigerator manually by unplugging it and leaving the door open for several hours until the ice melts. You can speed up this process with a hair dryer.

Weak Door Seal

The rubber door seal (also known as the gasket) is usually one of the first components that needs to be replaced. Closely inspect your gasket for rips, cracks, and other signs of excessive wear and tear. A high electricity bill may also be a sign that your gasket has lost its seal strength. Luckily, a new gasket is inexpensive and only takes ten minutes to swap out.

Loud Noises

Is your refrigerator clunking, constantly cycling on and off, or just being excessively loud? A noisy refrigerator is one of the hardest problems to fix yourself because there could be a variety of possible reasons for it. If your refrigerator is giving you headaches (literally), it is best to call a professional repair service.

Are you looking for a refrigerator repair service in the New York City area? Speedy Refrigerator Service guarantees one-hour service to all of the five boroughs, plus Long Island. Our technicians are fully licensed and trained to fix any make or model of refrigerator. Call us anytime to schedule your same-day appointment at 866-782-9376.

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4 Most Common Refrigerator Problems

are the only appliance in our home that runs around the clock, which
leaves them susceptible to breaking down. Although the lifespan of a
new refrigerator is around 15 years, it is likely that you will need
some minor repairs over time to keep it running properly. If your
refrigerator is showing one of the following symptoms, don’t panic;
you can probably get it fixed for a fraction of the cost of buying a
new one.
are four of the most common problems that people experience with
their refrigerators.
Fridge is Not Cooling
main job of a refrigerator is to keep your food cold, so the number
one problem that people experience is failure to do so. To limit
bacteria growth, the inside of your refrigerator should consistently
be between 34-39° F. Failure to cool properly could be due to a
number of reasons; sometimes all you need to do is vacuum your
condenser coils, other times you will need to swap out a
malfunctioning component. If your refrigerator is too warm, it is
best to call a professional appliance repair service to diagnose the
Fridge is Making
Excessive Noise
common problem that people experience with their refrigerators is
excessive noise. If your refrigerator is making high-pitched
squealing, clanking, humming, or anything else out of the ordinary,
it is definitely a sign that something is wrong. Possible reasons for
this include the fridge being uneven, a loose drip pan, or a
defective evaporator fan.
Fridge is Leaking
about everything in your kitchen can develop a leak; your sink, your
dishwasher, and even your refrigerator. Fortunately, the most common
reason for a leaky refrigerator is a clogged drain tube, which can be
fixed without the help of a repair service. If your refrigerator has
a water dispenser, the line could be damaged, or the leaking could be
caused by a cracked drip pan. Learn more about leaky refrigerators
and how to fix them here.
Ice Maker is Not Working
those who are lucky enough to have a refrigerator with a built-in ice
maker, a nearly-unlimited supply of ice cubes is just the push of a
button away. Unfortunately, it is also another component which can
develop issues. If you are experiencing problems with your ice maker,
check all hose connections to make sure there is not a build up of
frost. Otherwise, check that the feeler arm is in the right position
– if all looks normal, seek professional help, you may need a
Are you
experiencing any of these problems with your refrigerator? Luckily,
help is just a phone call and one hour away with Speedy Refrigerator
Service. We have been serving Long Island and New York City for more
than 75 years, and we guarantee to be at your door within one hour of
your call. Visit our website for more information or give us a call
at 866-782-9376.
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3 Signs That You Need to Get Your Refrigerator Fixed


You may
not realize this, but the common household refrigerator is actually a
complex machine that has a lot of individual parts all working
together to keep your food cold. If just one of these parts
malfunctions, it could cause your whole refrigerator to stop working.
Combine that with the fact that the fridge is the only household
appliance to work 24 hours a day, and it is easy to see how
breakdowns can occur. Luckily for you, 24/7 Refrigerator Repair has
put together this list of common signs that you should get your
fridge fixed so that you can address these problems before it is too

The Motor Doesn’t Turn
It is
normal for your refrigerator’s compressor to cycle on and off
throughout the day. It is not normal for the compressor to run
all day, every day. If you feel like your refrigerator has not
stopped running in a while, it may be in your best interest to get it
checked out. Keep in mind that if you have recently adjusted the
temperature settings, it is not uncommon for a refrigerator to run
for up to 24 hours straight. However, if it has been going for days,
there is most likely a problem – usually either with the thermostat
or compressor. In either case, call a local appliance repair service,
such as 24/7 Refrigerator Repair, to have a professional take a look.
Spoiled Food
food will eventually spoil, regardless of how well your refrigerator
is working. But when a lot of your food starts spoiling prematurely,
this is a red flag. Food expiring well before it should is a sign
that your fridge is not maintaining the temperature that it should
be. There is no one problem that specifically causes this to happen –
it could be an issue with the sealing system, coolant, compressor, or
a number of other things. In order to correctly diagnose the problem
and see if your refrigerator can be fixed, contact a local
refrigerator handyman service.
If you
notice puddles of liquid forming either in the refrigerator or under
it, there is a problem. This can range from faulty seals, which can
be easily replaced for cheap, to a break in the tube channel, which
is much more serious. If your fridge is causing liquids to pool,
contact a professional immediately.
At 24/7
Refrigerate Repair, our technicians are familiar with all of these
problems and the best ways to fix them. With over 60 years of
experience, there is no better refrigerator repair service in all of
Long Island or Queens. You can visit our website or like our Facebook page for more information.
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4 Common Refrigerator Headaches and How to Fix Them

have been referred to as the most important innovation in the history
of food because of how much easier they make our daily lives. This is
true 99% of the time, but when they break they make our lives harder.
Luckily, many refrigeration issues can be solved quickly without
leaving your house. We discuss four of these problems in this
article. For everything not covered here, you can call 24/7
Refrigerator Service.

The refrigerator is on,
but is warm.
the temperature control setting located on the inside of your
refrigerator. It is possible that your preference was adjusted
recently, especially if you have young children in your house. If the
temperature control is at it’s normal setting, make sure that your
refrigerator is at least 3-6 inches away from the wall to allow for
proper air flow. If this is not the problem, your refrigerator may be
over-stuffed. A fully packed refrigerator cuts down on the internal
circulation of cold air and can cause warm spots in the fridge.
My refrigerator is very
If you
have a frost-free refrigerator and are hearing popping noises, this
could actually be a sign that your refrigerator is working properly.
The defrost heater commonly pops and hisses when it is activated. If
this is not the case, the most likely culprit is the evaporator fan
motor, located in your freezer. Open your freezer door and see if the
noise gets louder. If it does, you will need to replace the
evaporator fan. If the noise does not get louder, contact 24/7
Refrigerator Service because it is due to the condenser fan or the
The refrigerator has been
running for hours straight.
ask yourself if you or anyone who uses your refrigerator has adjusted
the temperature settings within the past 24 hours, as it is not
uncommon for a fridge to take this long to cool down. It is also
common for a refrigerator to continuously run if you are in a very
humid location. If neither of these things apply to you, there a few
things you can do. First, vacuum the condenser coils located on the
back of the refrigerator. If this doesn’t work, test your door’s
seals. To do this, close the fridge door on a piece of paper. If the
paper is easy to remove or slide up and down, you have a faulty seal.
It is a quick, cheap, and easy fix, just call your local appliance
repair service with the model information of your refrigerator.
My refrigerator is
running fine, but the light bulb will not turn on.
If your
refrigerator is running, but the light refuses to turn on, there are
two solutions. First and foremost, replace the light bulb. If there
is still no light, even with the new bulb, it is likely that the
problem is caused by a faulty door switch. You can call a local
appliance repair specialist or learn how to test the switch on your
own by clicking here
If your
refrigerator is having a problem that you are unable to solve on your
own, 24/7 Refrigerator Service is here to help. Serving Long Island
and Queens for over 60 years, we provide excellent customer service
and 24/7 emergency work. Call us at 866-782-9376 to make an
appointment today.