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Why You Need to Call Speedy Today

Have you ever noticed that when something has an expiration date on it, more people are likely to take advantage of it? For example, when there’s an infomercial and a special deal only lasts for “the next 20 minutes,” that’s usually when people call the most. And once those people receive their experience or product, more than likely, they realize how great it is and then they continue taking advantage of it. Well, that’s why you need to call Speedy today — because our summer refrigerator special won’t last forever, and we know you’ll love it.

Right now,  you can call Speedy Refrigerator Service  and take advantage of our $39.95 refrigerator special that includes our  vacuuming the condenser,  oiling the motors, checking your Freon level, and checking your compressor or start up. In case you didn’t know, those are all things that you need to have done regularly in order to keep your refrigerator running at tip-top shape.  If you don’t,  parts of your refrigerator will start to wear down and your unit will either become very inefficient or stop working altogether.

You’re probably thinking, “ I can get that done any day,”  and sure, you can. But you can’t get it done any day for $39.95, or have that service done within an hour of calling if you use a different company. If you’re in Suffolk County, Nassau County or Queens, Speedy will get to your house within the hour of your calling us and perform our refrigerator special for that low price.

So what are you waiting for?! Call Speedy Refrigerator Service today at 866-782-9376 for more information or to schedule your service.

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