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How To Deal With Refrigerator Gasket Problems

Your refrigerator gasket is the rubber seal around your door that is responsible for keeping cold air in and warm air out. The gasket takes the most abuse, and if it isn’t taken care of, it will wear out quickly. A properly-functioning gasket is essential in keeping your energy bill low, but it requires a little maintenance on your part.

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Warning Signs

  1. A door that won’t remain closed usually signals a gasket problem.
  2. Mold or mildew build up on the gasket can limit its ability to hold a seal. It can also be dangerous to your health.


  1. Dampen a soft rag with warm, soapy water and gently begin cleaning your gasket.
  2. After you are satisfied with your cleaning, begin drying the area with a clean towel.
  3. When your lips are dry and cracked, you apply vaseline to heal them. The same holds true for your gasket. Apply a little vaseline after your cleaning to prevent the rubber seal from wearing out.
  4. If your initial clean didn’t remove the mold or mildew, you should continue to follow along.
  5. Mix one part bleach with two parts water in a spray bottle.
  6. Take the spray bottle and wet the areas where you see black spots. Let that sit for about 10 minutes so the bleach can work its magic.
  7. After the time is up, begin wiping down the areas where you applied the solution to ensure a full clean. Once you are content, wipe down the gasket with soapy water again to remove the bleach.

Your gasket is vital to the success of your refrigerator, so if it needs to be repaired, let Speedy Refrigerator Service take care of it for you. We pride ourselves on our ability to fix any problem in a timely and professional manner. If you live in Long Island or New York City, call us at 866-878-9111 to schedule your same-day appointment with one of our licensed technicians.

Tips For an Energy Efficient Refrigerator

In this day and age, everyone is trying to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. The first step to achieving that goal is reducing the amount of energy we use in our daily lives. Your refrigerator and freezer use about 15-20% of the energy in your home, so why not be smart about it? Check out the following tips for making your refrigerator as energy efficient as possible.

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Pack it in
When you open and close your refrigerator door, you probably feel the cold air rush onto your body. While it might feel nice in the summer heat, it is actually killing your energy efficiency. By keeping your fridge ⅔ full, you can reduce the loss of cold air and give your energy bill a break.

Clean your condenser coils
The condenser coils are located in the back or underneath most refrigerator models. The coils are the ‘powerhouse’ of your fridge; they keep it cool and running. These coils can build up dust rather quickly, so it is important to clean them twice a year. Doing this simple task can save you as much as 15% on yearly energy costs.

Your freezer is supposed to be frozen, but it should not develop frost. This might seem contradicting, but it will help reduce the amount of energy your freezer is using on a daily basis. If the frost grows past a ¼” inch in thickness, turn off your freezer for 90 minutes and let that frost melt. Wipe down the freezer thoroughly and then place your food back inside.

Avoid Uncovered Liquids
This will cause moisture to buildup in your fridge and force your compressor to exert more energy. This could also lead to the aforementioned frost, which can increase the wear-and-tear on your compressor.

Is your refrigerator causing your energy bill to spike? Help is just a phone call away with Speedy Refrigerator Service. We offer same-day refrigerator repairs and maintenance services to Long Island and New York City. Give us a call at 866-782-9376 today.


Causes of Most Refrigerator Problems


Refrigerators are complex machines that require many different pieces to work together in order to function as a unit. If just one of these pieces fail, your whole appliance can suffer as a result. Here are some of the most likely causes for your refrigerator problems.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are responsible for releasing heat, but are known to accumulate dust. When this happens, you may notice that your refrigerator constantly cycles on and off, or has trouble keeping your food cold. Clean these coils (located on the rear of the refrigerator) every six months using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Faulty Gaskets

The gaskets are the rubber seals that run around your refrigerator and freezer doors. They form an air-tight barrier, and one little rip or tear can lead to temperature problems, condensation, and a spike in your energy bill. Inspect your gasket every other month, looking for small cracks or loose edges. If you notice any problems, replace it immediately.

Clogged Drain Tube

If you have an auto-defrost freezer, the melted ice runs down a drain tube in the back of your refrigerator, where it empties into a drip pan under your appliance and eventually evaporates. All of this happens inconspicuously, unless there is a clog. A clogged drain tube can cause water to pool at the bottom of your refrigerator, causing many people to panic thinking there is a leak. Don’t worry, a clogged drain tube is an easy DIY fix, click here for instructions.

Malfunctioning Compressor

Similar to the engine in your car, the compressor is the heart of your refrigerator. If it starts to malfunction, things can go downhill very quickly. Neglecting a failing compressor to the point that it totally breaks down will result in a trip to the appliance store for a new fridge. If you suspect your compressor is beginning to fail, contact a local appliance repair service immediately.

Residents of New York City and Long Island can count on Speedy Refrigerator Service for all of their refrigerator repair needs. We offer same-day service and complete most repairs in the comfort of your own home. Call us any time at 866-782-9376 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed technicians.

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