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Going On Vacation – Should You Unplug Your Refrigerator?

During the winter months, many people (especially residents of the cold northeast) pack their bags and go away on vacation. Whether you are heading to a tropical destination, or just spending the holidays with your family, leaving your home for an extended period of time takes lots of planning and preparation.

One question that commonly arises in this situation is whether or not you should unplug your refrigerator – after all, it’s not like you are going to be using it. Most people make an effort to disconnect all of their electronic devices when they go away in order to save money, and the refrigerator can be one of your home’s main energy consumers. With that says, it only makes sense to pull the plug on your refrigerator as well, right?

If you are trying to decide whether or not to unplug your refrigerator before you go on vacation, here are some things to consider:

  • Length of Vacation. A “long” vacation to you may be 7-10 days, but this is almost never long enough to justify unplugging your fridge. If you were traveling for a month or longer, that may be more reasonable.

  • Energy-Efficiency of Refrigerator. Newer Energy Star models consume about half of the energy of old refrigerators, and generally cost less than $10 per month to operate. These savings aren’t worth the work of unplugging and defrosting your fridge.

  • Amount of Food. If you have a refrigerator full of food, you will have to either throw it out or give it away before you unplug your refrigerator, which could cost you more money than it saves you.

All in all, it is probably not a good idea to unplug your refrigerator before you go away on vacation.

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Refrigerator?


All good things must come to an end – including your refrigerator. If yours is hissing, clunking, leaking, or constantly cycling on and off, you are left with a choice: do you repair it, or buy a new one altogether?

Unfortunately, there is no cut-and-dry answer. What is best for you depends on a variety of factors, such as the appliance’s age and the type of repair needed. If you are having trouble making the decision, use these guidelines laid out by Consumer Reports.

Use the 50% Rule

This rule is simple – if the cost of repair is less than half of the cost of a new model, then have it fixed. Likewise, if it costs more than 50% to have it repaired, then break out your checkbook and head to the appliance store.

To Ice, Or Not To Ice?

If your refrigerator has a built-in icemaker, you could be setting yourself up for future repairs. A side-by-side refrigerator with an icemaker is more than twice as likely to break down as top- or bottom-freezer models without one. An icemaker is an added convenience, but the need for constant repairs is not.

Consider the Configuration

The style of your refrigerator can impact your decision, according to Consumer Reports. Here is what they recommend doing, based on the type of refrigerator you have:

  • Built-in refrigerators should be repaired unless they are completely unsalvageable.

  • Side-by-side refrigerators should be repaired if they are less than five years old. After that, you should probably get a new one.

  • Bottom-freezer refrigerators have a repair window of 7 years. After that, you should consider replacement.

  • Top-freezer refrigerators should always be repaired within 3 years of purchase and replaced after 7 years. If it is somewhere in between, use the 50% rule.

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4 Ways to Extend Your Refrigerator’s Lifespan

average lifespan of a brand new refrigerator is roughly 15 years,
depending on the model, size, and upkeep. However, even the best
refrigerators on the market won’t live to see 10 if you don’t give
them a little bit of TLC every now and again.
Avoid a
trip to the appliance store and extend the lifespan of your
refrigerator by following these four simple tips:
  • Vacuum your
    condenser coils.
    These coils
    are usually located on the back of your refrigerator and can
    accumulate a thick layer of dust over time. Clean these every six
    months with your vacuum to avoid putting extra wear-and-tear and
    your fridge.
  • Maintain the gasket.
    The gasket is the rubber seal
    that runs around the perimeter of your refrigerator door, and keeps
    the warm air out. These gaskets are known to crack, which can cause
    your refrigerator to lose cold air. Periodically wipe the gasket
    clean with soap and water and apply a thin layer of Vaseline to keep
    it from drying out and cracking.
  • Keep away from heat
    Keeping your
    refrigerator away from sources of heat reduces the amount of work
    that the compressor must undergo in order to maintain a cold
    temperature. This includes heat-generating appliances such as your
    stove, but also avoid exposure to direct sunlight if possible.
  • Avoid keeping the
    door open.
    Every time you open
    your refrigerator door, you lose a little bit of cold air. Keeping
    the door open for long periods of time will cause you to lose more
    than just a little warm air, and your refrigerator will have to work
    harder to cool down. When you are making a recipe which calls for
    multiple refrigerated items, take them all out in one trip and try
    to avoid staring into an open fridge looking for something to eat
    (hey, we all do it!).
If your
refrigerator is on the fritz, replacing it isn’t always necessary.
Often times, you can get your refrigerator fixed for the fraction of
the cost of buying a new model. If you live in New York, New Jersey,
or Connecticut, you can count on 24/7 Refrigerator Repair for speedy,
dependable service. Our phone lines are open 24/7 and same-day
appointments are available, so call 866-782-9376 today.
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Refrigerator Facts vs. Myths

is a lot of false information circulating around the World Wide Web;
it’s time to clear some things up, as far as home appliances go at
least. Read the five refrigerator-related statements below and
determine if each one is a fact or a myth – you may be surprised.
Fact or Myth? – Like a
car, refrigerators need basic maintenance.
Like your car needs periodic oil
changes and brake replacements, your refrigerator also needs a little
bit of care to run efficiently. Some things you can do to extend the
lifespan of your refrigerator include vacuuming the condenser coils
and regularly inspecting the gasket. Learn more about good fridge
maintenance here.
Fact or Myth? – Your
refrigerator only runs for a few hours a day.
Your refrigerator runs
around-the-clock. It is the only appliance in your home that works
24/7 to keep your food fresh and your beverages refreshing.
Fact or Myth? – It
doesn’t matter where in your refrigerator you store your food.
Some areas in your refrigerator
(such as the door) are warmer than others, which can leave food
susceptible to spoiling. To learn more about the best areas in your
refrigerator to store certain foods, click here.
Fact or Myth? – Keeping
your refrigerator full can help you use less energy.
Believe it or not, keeping your
fridge well-stocked can help save you money on your monthly energy
bill. A full fridge maintains its temperature better when the door is
opened, so the compressor doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the
inside off. Don’t overstock your fridge though, that could actually
reduce air circulation and lead to warm spots.
Fact or Myth? – All
repair services are created equal.
The same repair job done by two
different companies can yield two very different results. When you
are searching for an appliance repair service, you want a company
that provides fast, dependable service.
Refrigerator Repair provides same-day repairs on any make or model of
refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, or wine cooler. If you need help
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How to Defrost Your Refrigerator

If you
don’t have a self-defrosting refrigerator, you may notice a layer of
ice accumulating in your freezer and on the back wall of your
refrigerator. If left unattended, this build up will only grow and
take up storage space, as well as increase your monthly energy bill.
It is
an unpleasant task that most of us would rather not do, but it’s
better to take a few minutes out of your day every six months than to
fork over money to the utility company and potentially the appliance
Here is
how to defrost your refrigerator in 20 minutes or less:
  1. Unplug
    the unit, open the refrigerator and freezer doors, and remove all
    items from the inside. You can place your food in a cooler if you
    wish, but it is not necessary since this will be a quick job.
  2. Remove
    all shelves and drawers from the refrigerator. You can take
    advantage of this opportunity to wash them off in the sink if you’d
  3. Place
    a towel at the foot of the refrigerator to minimize flooding/pooling
    of water.
  4. Using
    a hair dryer, heat around the outside of the ice build up. The
    intention is to melt the edges just enough so you can remove it in
    one chunk instead of letting a stream of water run down your
  5. Use
    a plastic spatula to remove the ice build up.
  6. Wipe
    your refrigerator dry, replace the shelves and food, close the
    doors, and plug your appliance back in. That’s it!
If you
are defrosting your refrigerator and discover any kind of leaking or
loud, unusual noises, call 24/7 Refrigerator Repair at 866-782-9376.
We have been servicing Long Island, New York City, and beyond for
more than 75 years and offer same-day appointments in the comfort of
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