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A Guide to Safer Leftovers

The best kind of meals are the ones large enough to feed the whole family. Whatever recipe you are trying for a Sunday meal, it is best to double it for good measure. But after that meal is over and you feel like you’re going to explode, it is time to store that food so you can pick on it throughout the week. Make sure you are storing your leftovers properly, because inadequate storage can lead to food poisoning or worse!

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Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Don’t let your food sit out for more than 2 hours without being refrigerated.
  • When you have a large amount of leftovers, it is best to separate them into smaller containers. This will allow the cool air to circulate around the food and stop bacteria growth before it even starts.
  • With any kind of stuffed meats, it is best to remove the stuffing and refrigerate them separately. If you choose to leave the stuffing inside, you run the risk of it becoming too warm and possibly contaminated.
  • Refrigerated leftovers should be consumed within 4 days of the time they were cooked. Anything longer than this and it should be kept in the freezer for safety. Bacteria can’t grow in freezer temperatures, so this will allow you significantly more time to enjoy your food than refrigerator storage.
  • When you reheat leftovers, it is not enough to just make them warm. Food should be microwaved to a temperature of 165°F, or until you can see it steam.
  • The optimal temperature for refrigerator food storage is between 34-38°F. The key to safer leftovers is having a fridge that can get the job done.

If your fridge is having trouble maintaining the optimal temperature, there is a chance it is need of repair. Speedy Refrigerator Service has been serving the New York City and Long Island area for over 75 years and we would love to help you out! Call (866) 782-9376 to schedule your same-day appointment, or visit us on the web.

The Most Dangerous Place in Your Fridge

The purpose of a refrigerator is to keep your food cold and safe. But without proper maintenance and cleaning, the fridge can actually become a very dangerous place. So, what part of your fridge is the most dangerous? The answer is the salad drawer, and it isn’t even close.

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The Problem
Bacteria growth in salad drawers is substantially greater than the rest of the fridge. A study done in the UK found some startling results about the severity of this problem. “Tests from 30 different salad drawers found a startling number of bacteria, with an average of 7,850 bacteria colony-forming units per square centimetre (cfu/cm2). In some cases, it found 129,000 bacteria per cfu/cm2,” researchers said. 

This can be linked to a series of factors, but one is more glaring than the others. Salad drawers are often left uncleaned! When you remove food from your fridge for a cleaning, make sure you remember to remove your salad drawer and clean it separately. The moisture that the salad needs to stay fresh is also providing drinking water for harmful bacterium. It might be a good idea to clean your salad drawer more frequently than the rest of your fridge.

The Solution
If you are a frequent salad eater, you might want to keep reading. This clever little trick will help keep your salad drawer safe and bacteria-free.

  1. Wash down your salad leaves in a clean sink.
  2. Once you are satisfied with the wash, place the leaves in a salad spinner and let them dry.
  3. Take a kitchen towel and line the bottom and sides of your salad drawer with it. Then, take the leaves from your salad spinner and place them on top of the towel in your drawer.
  4. Lastly, place a paper towel on top of your salad to remove any excess moisture.
  5. Enjoy your fresh, clean and crisp salad!

Storing your salad this way not only makes it taste better, but it is cleaner too. You have to change out your leaves once a week, so bacteria will never have a chance to grow!

If you run into any problems with a salad drawer, or anything in your refrigerator, the experts at Speedy Refrigerator Service are just a phone call away. We offer 24/7 service to Long Island and New York City, so call us any time at 866-782-9376.

How to Prep Your Kitchen for the Holidays


The holidays are supposed to be a time to unwind with your loved ones, but if you are in charge of hosting the family get-together, it can be anything but relaxing. Use these tips to prep your kitchen for your guests and take some of the stress out of the holidays.

Clean and tidy up.

This is the number one item on most of our to-do lists. Even if your house isn’t perfectly clean all of the time, you at least want your guests to believe it is. In addition to the common areas (living room, dining room, bathroom), you will want to pay extra attention to your kitchen. Don’t forget to clean out the inside of your refrigerator, wash all of your dishes, and wipe down your counter tops.

Take an inventory of your food.

Picture this: it’s the big day. Your family is over your house, stomachs rumbling with hunger. You’re preparing your main course, and suddenly you realize that you are missing a key ingredient. Don’t let this happen to you, take a thorough inventory of all of your food now. Plan your menu, double- and triple-check the recipes, and make sure you have everything you need.

Invest in a cooler.

When you are busy cooking in the kitchen, you don’t want your guests funneling in and out to get drinks from the refrigerator. Avoid this problem by keeping a well-stocked cooler in your living room, this will help keep your kitchen clear of traffic so you can focus on your food.

Pre-set your table.

After you have finished cooking, the last thing you want to worry about is setting the table. Luckily, this can be done well in advanced before your guests even arrive. Help lessen the burden on yourself by setting the table one or two days before your party.

If your refrigerator breaks down this holiday season, the repair experts at Speedy Refrigerator Service will get you up-and-running in no time! We guarantee one-hour service to Long Island and New York City, even on nights, weekends, and holidays. Give us a call anytime at 866-782-9376.