Pros and Cons of a French Door Refrigerator

French door refrigerators are becoming more and more popular in kitchens across America, and for good reason. This style of refrigerator offers many benefits to homeowners, beyond just being visually appealing. However, no appliance is perfect, which is why there are definitely pros and cons of a French door refrigerator.


Easier Access to Food

Since you have the option of opening just one side of your refrigerator, you can find the food you’re looking for more quickly, especially since French door refrigerators have wider shelves and bigger door bins for better storage and access.

More Top Shelf Space

Since they’re so wide, French refrigerators give you a lot more room for food storage, especially on the top shelf. Most models also let you change the height of the top shelf, allowing for even better storage.

A Deeper Freezer Drawer

If you’re big on boxed freezer items, a French door refrigerator is definitely a good choice for you. The freezer drawer offers deep storage space and often also has a chiller drawer, with an easy adjusting temperature to cool specific foods, such as deli platters and ice cream.


Not Good for Small Kitchens

Since French door refrigerators are so wide, you may have a hard time fitting into a space if your kitchen is on the smaller side. They take up more room than traditional two door refrigerators, so this is something you’ll need to account for when deciding what model to purchase.

Higher Energy Usage

French door refrigerators offer a lot more features, which typically means they use more energy. Higher energy usage can increase your utility bills, and potentially lead to more repairs.

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