Why Is My Ice Maker Overflowing?

When your automated ice maker overflows, you’re going to get a big soggy mess in your kitchen. Unless you’re having a party, it’s pretty likely that all of that ice is going to be wasted – not to mention the unnecessary increase in your water bill. The good news is, if you’re in the Long Island area, you can call us at Speedy Refrigerator Service – we know freezer repair inside and out and can help you take care of your burden. So why is this happening in the first place? Well we won’t get too technical on you, but there are a few main reasons for an overflowing ice maker.

The ice maker in your refrigerator is easy to use, but the process behind it is a little more complicated. First, the ice maker receives the water through a small supply line from the house, taking the water through a fill valve that is controlled by a thermostat. The valve sends the water through a tube to the ice mold, then the water freezes, and the thermostat then turns off. In most models, a tiny heater warms the cubes enough to release the ice, at which point the ice is ejected into the bin, then the whole thing starts over. There are a few issues that could happen causing your ice maker to keep making ice until it overflows the tray, and we can spot them and fix them.

Water Supply from the House Line is Too Low

In the ice making process, the fill valve closes after supplying enough water to fill the ice mold. In most cases, the inlet valve requires a certain amount of pressure to function properly; when the pressure is too low, the valve may not register when it should turn off. If this happens, water will continue to leak into the ice maker, which will keep producing more ice than you can use.

Defective Valve

Similar to having low pressure, the valve itself can be defective. Have a professional check the water pressure; if it is not too low, the valve likely is not closing all the way or gets stuck in an open position. Luckily, the valve can is easily replaced.

Other Defective Parts, or Cleaning

Aside from the valve, the ice maker system has many of components (such as the thermostat, supply lines, even the ice mold) that can be giving you trouble. Sometimes a good system clean is all that is needed! We can take care of cleaning for you, and let you know if there are any other factors causing your ice attack.

Call us at Speedy Refrigerator Service in Long Island. We’re here to inspect and troubleshoot for you any day of the week, and we have the knowledge of freezer repair to spot the problem and know just how to address it.